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    Thanks for visiting Jennifer Mossman Photography! I am a natural light photographer in the St. Louis area specializing in family, newborn & senior portrait photography. I also offer headshots & branding photography sessions. I hope that you can see from my work how much I love what I do! Thanks for visiting!

Braden’s Senior Photos!! By the end of this session, I was trying to convince my nephew to give modeling a shot. He’s got that smolder down perfectly! I can’t believe that he is 18; it seems impossible!! And I’m seriously so excited for this year for him. He’s got so much fun in store with basketball, dances, friends, and graduation!! Happy Senior Year, Braden! Enjoy every single second!!!



Yay!! This beautiful family wanted an extended family fall session, and I was so excited to make it happen!! Capturing these images and freezing this moment in time was so important. Not only were we there to capture one branch of the family tree and how it’s expanded, but also to say goodbye to a beloved home in lovely Brussels, IL. A family grew here, and countless memories were made! This was such a special session!!


This session was near and dear to my heart!! Actually most extended family sessions are like that for me. Having lost both of my parents in 2021, I will shout it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen…”Get extended family photos with grandma and grandpa and all of the adult children and grandkids!!!”. The time is NOW!! There are a million reasons not to do it…schedules are crazy, family members live out of town, the kids are too little to cooperate, etc. But none of the excuses are good enough! They just aren’t! When you lose a loved one, these photographs become even more important and cherished. I’ll never forget the Christmas that I dragged my entire family outside in the cold to set up the tripod and take a family photo. Not everyone was dressed perfectly. Not everyone wanted to get their photo taken. There were eye rolls. There were complaints. But we did it anyway!! And guess which photographs are the most precious to us? You guessed it!! Those images of ALL of us at a moment in time…a moment we can never get back. So please get these photos taken. I don’t care if it’s with me or another photographer but just do it!! You won’t regret it!!

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I was lucky to meet and photograph this sweet family with their adorable daughter, Malou, back in August! It was an overcast day, so it was nice to be able shoot in some new spots at a familiar location. I debated using off camera lighting but chose to position the family with lots of open sky in front of them to capitalize on the natural light. When shooting outdoors with a baby or toddler, I always try to be as quick as possible and lugging around a light stand isn’t always optimal. In the end, I love the way these images came out and I think we captured some wonderful family moments. Sometimes the simpler choice is the correct one!!


It was Violet’s turn in the spotlight to capture her senior photos on this beautiful day in St. Louis at sunset! I hope that the images we captured always serve as a reminder of a pivotal moment in her life…a moment of transition and possibilities for the future! Senior year is full of choices and changes and excitement. These young adults are saying goodbye to a one phase of their lives and moving toward their future. I love capturing senior photos partly for this reason! I’m always inspired by these young adults and their bravery for embracing change and stepping into their future!! It’s just the most exciting time & I love being a small part of it!

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